Window Trim

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Window Trim

For any window to really look beautiful and attractive, a window trim is needed. Window trim is a wooden design that is fitted at the outer frame of the windows. Its purpose is both aesthetic and functional. It protects the windows from falling through the support that it lends and likewise provides artistic value to the whole window. The window trim should go with the over-all design of the house. It should not appear awkwardly placed rather it should compliment with the windows.

There is ready-made window trim in the market today. Home improvement shops and window hardware stores sell window trim. This ready-made window trim has various designs, colors, dimension and lengths that can be nailed to the window frame painlessly. It is an easy to install trim, so doing it by yourself is possible. Adding window trim to your window is quite an investment because wooden trim is rather expensive, however imitation window trim that is made of plastic but looks exactly like wood is now available in the market.

If you think that you don’t have much time to do the installation on your own, you can call the experts to do the job for you, but it calls for additional out-of-pocket expenses. Installing window trim is relatively easy, plus with the aid of the instructional guide, doing it is much easier than you can think of. Simple carpentry tools are what you need in doing the task. A hammer, saw, measuring tape and ample quantity of nails should be present. Having an assistant in working with the trim makes it all the more fast and fun too.

Now that you have identified the design and the lengths of your window trim it is time to cut the desired lengths of each side. Upon mounting the trim to each side of the window might require some assistance to hold the pieces while the other one is hammering the nails to the wood frame.

As soon as the trim is placed, the edges of the trim should be smoothened with the use of sand paper. This is necessary to avoid undesired cuts when get in touched with the sides of the trim. When all is done, painting the trim should be next. The choice of the color of the paint should be the same with the paint of the window or the wall to give that unified effect. Not to mention a job that looks like professionally done.

Doing this does not necessitate extra high intelligence because it only requires a little amount of common sense sprinkled with a dash of creativity. After everything is done you will be amazed of what you have just accomplished. An artisan’s masterpiece that you can call your own.

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