Window Cleaning

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Window Cleaning

A beautiful way to start the day right is looking through your window the bright light from the sun, the green grass grow wildly on the ground, the chirping birds on the trees, the blossoming flowers on the pots, and the white cotton clouds that painted the sky. All these are more beautiful to see if you have that clean window to view from. This is the benefit of having a clean window because it makes you really think that the best in life is free.

Window cleaning is a relatively taxing job to do. But the benefit of window cleaning include a dust-free morning wake ups and cleans windows give a feel good effect to the ones looking from it. Window cleaning has other benefits too. It is a fun way of sweating out and loose that unnecessary pounds tucked on your waist and butts. Window cleaning needs different cleaning tools that are specific to the kind of windows you have.

If your window is made of glass, you might need a good functional window cleaning squeegee. Other tools are also needed to complete the task. A soap sprayer and a wash cloth or a sponge should go together with the squeegee. To begin, spray a small amount of liquid soap onto the glass. Using the sponge or wash cloth, spread the liquid soap on the glass surface. Remove the dirt by initially using the cloth or sponge. Using the window cleaning squeegee, scrape off the excess liquid soap and water on a downward motion. The rubber squeegee can leave no marks of soap and prints. Wipe off the excess remaining water on the frame surface. Run a clean cloth on the window frame to make sure that the sides of the window frame are free of dirt.

For those windows that are made up of wooden material, it is good to do away with water to avoid the wood from absorbing the water, which will destroy the wood in the long run. Regular dusting of dirt using a cloth is the most effective way in cleaning wooden widows. Feather duster doesn’t really get the dirt that stuck onto the wood. It just takes away dust, not dirt. After wiping the windows a wood wax is sprayed or applied onto the wood to give that glossy finish. The same should be done to the window frames. The frames must be cleaned thoroughly from dust and dirt.

For those windows that are high enough that it is difficult to for you to reach some areas, chances are you need the help of the professional window cleaners. Window cleaning companies have been put up to serve complicated window cleaning jobs.

A clean window facilitates a good viewing atmosphere. Don’t you think?

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