Dollhouse Building Supplies

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Dollhouse Building Supplies

Building a dollhouse is fun, but it can also be hard work, especially if you don’t have all of the required supplies for putting the dollhouse together. With careful planning and a detailed list, however, you can put those concerns aside and get on with building the dollhouse of your dreams. There are a few critical supplies when it comes to building a dollhouse that can make the process of construction a lot smoother and a lot less complex.


Any good dollhouse has stylish and elegant doors. There are a number of doors available, of course, and the builder can pick from a variety of exciting designs. Interior, exterior, elaborate, and double doors are available from most major dollhouse suppliers. The interior doors lead from room to room within the dollhouse and come in a broad variety of materials and colors, making the inside of your dollhouse come to life with individual design ideas. Exterior doors are important, too, as they welcome the “guests” to the dollhouse with fashion and flare.

Door accessories are important for the proper installation of the doors, too. Hinges and box locks are available from most major retailers to allow the door additional functionality. Door handles, door knobs, and door knockers help give the dollhouse that additional personal touch and make it seem a little more like “home.”


Most windows are available as a part of a set for purchasing and installing in your dollhouse design. There are, of course, a number of different types of windows to choose from. Sash, arched, panel, dormer, and bay windows are all available in luxurious dollhouse versions to help give a hint of realism to the design. Imagine opening the home design with a big bay window in the front room to allow for lots of visitors to see in at the fantasy world within the dollhouse.


Yes, you can have a hardwood floor for your dollhouse! There are infinite options when it comes to flooring designs for a dollhouse. Hardwood flooring, tiles, carpet, wood borders, runners, and scale flooring are all options to consider when forming the basis for the dollhouse. Pick one floor type to run through as a pattern through the home or go with a different floor type in every room. The choice is yours!


The walls can be decorated with personal flavor, too. There are a number of wallpaper designs available for the dollhouse, many of which have unique and tasteful designs. Choose from generic single color patterns, designer wallpaper kits, world map wallpaper, mini graphics wallpaper, or any other wallpaper design that can add the comforts of home to the dollhouse. Each wallpaper design can be applied through tiling for extra convenience.

Lighting and Electrical Items

Bringing the dollhouse to life takes just a bit of light. You can add special fixtures, lighting options, sconces and wall fixtures, lamps for the table or the floor, fireplaces, and a wide variety of electrical items for the home. You might even be able to find a miniature plasma TV for the inside of the dollhouse! The sky is really the limit when it comes to decorating and caring for your dollhouse.

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