Burglar Proof Your Business Now

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Burglar Proof Your Business Now

Make your business burglar proof before you suffer a break-in! Most business owners do not think about security, taking only basic steps to protect their premises until a thief strikes. Do not wait until it is too late to take action. Make your business a safer place by using simple and inexpensive ways to deter the wrong sort of people.

The Mind of a Burglar

The best way to start is to approach your business from the outside. Walk around your business and ask yourself “if I was a thief how would I break in?” “How easy is it get on to the roof?” “Are there any ladders around?” “Are the doors and windows secured?” By asking yourself these simple questions you will uncover most weaknesses in your premises.

Can you spot any easy ways for a burglar to get in? Most burglars look for easy opportunities, and if your premises seem secure they will move on the next building.

Light Up Your Premises

Thieves like to work in darkness. By installing sensor lights around your premises, this alone is good enough to deter many opportunistic burglars. Make sure that all the doors and windows are well lit because this is often the first point of call for a criminal!

Remember it is not only your premises that you have to be concerned about. You and your employees will also feel safer walking to and from your cars in winter if your car park is brightly lit.

Places to Hide

Thieves love hiding behind bushes and bins. By moving your bins and keeping your bushes short you will cut down their opportunity to sneak up on your premises. Move or remove any obvious hiding places.

Solid Doors & Locks

Make sure you check your exterior doors and windows. Thieves love hollow doors. Use solid wooded doors with decent locks. Buy decent locks for your windows, use break resistant glass and install some bars or shutters. Most thieves usually break-in through your windows and doors!

Check your Roof

After doors and windows the next place a burglar will examine is your roof. If your roof is not secure enough and easy to access then you will be forced into buying an alarm system with sensors that can monitor for any movement inside your premises. If you have windows in your roof, then make sure they are secure and the glass is tough. Add metal bars so that a thief can not just break the glass for easy access!

Buy a Safe

Buy a decent safe and make sure you bolt it on the floor. A friend of mine bought a safe but did not use the bolts provided. The thieves stole the safe! Buying a decent safe and then securely bolting it to the concrete below will ensure that your valuables are safe even if you have a break-in!

The majority of break-ins occur directly through your doors and windows. A smaller percentage of burglars come through the roof. By taking simple, inexpensive steps you can deter almost ninety percent of all burglars.

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